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WG High Power M9 C02 NBB Pistol

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The Win Gun CO2 pistol features sliding grip panel to conceal the CO2 locking base, functional safety, heavy weight inserts and high power. The highly efficient CO2 system can fire over 100 BB's on one CO2 cartridge.

For those looking for an affordable high power non-blowback, this handgun does it all with a awesome 400+ FPS for a very small price tag!

Disclaimer: This hand gun fires over 400 FPS and may not be applicable for fields with FPS limit under 400 FPS

Dimension: 8.5" Long x 5.25" Tall

Weight: 539g

Manufacture: WG / Win Gun.

Gas: 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic / Safety

Action:Non-Blowback / Semi-Automatic.

Hopup: Yes.

Muzzle Velocity: 370~430 FPS. Measured with 0.20g bb.

Package Includes: Gas Pistol, Magazine, Manual, Adjustment tool and small pack of bb.

Magazine Capacity: 15+ Rounds.
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