Spare Magazine for VSR-10 Sniper RiflesZoom

Spare Magazine for VSR-10 Sniper Rifles

Item# MAG-SR-VSR10
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
A widely popular magazine that is critical for your VSR-10 sniper rifle. (or other compatible rifles)


WELL MB-03, MB-07, MB-09, MB-10, MB-12, AWM, G22 M700 and compatible series.

Tokyo Marui VSR-10, VSR10, G-Spec and compatible seres. HFC VSR-10 / VSR-11 Bolt action sniper rifle and compatible series.

Snowwolf VSR-10 M700 and compatible series.

JG VSR-10, G-Spec, 367 366 and compatible series. Features:

Factory replacement magazine for WELL Marui JG HFC and Snowwolf

High tension spring ensures reliable feeding
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