Reaps Hard Bucking for AEG'sZoom

Reaps Hard Bucking for AEG's

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The Reaps bucking enhances your accuracy and range by providing a larger contact surface between the bb and the rubber bucking.

For Optimized Performance the ME3 works best with:

Recommended AEG Power Spring: M130 Spring or higher. (400 ~ 480 FPS measured with 0.20g bb)

Recommended BB Weight: 0.32 - 0.40g bbs.

Applications / Features:

Enhance maximum range.

Enhance accuracy.

Enhance performance.

Increased rubber bucking and bb contact area.

Material: Rubber

Color: Black

Hardness: 80 Degrees

Package Includes: A Reaps Bucking

Manufacture: Reaps A+ Studios
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