Polarstar Fusion Engine Air Nozzle M4 Zoom

Polarstar Fusion Engine Air Nozzle M4

Item# FE-NZ-XXX-M4
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All drop in Fusion Engines come with the Blue Nozzle, which outputs anywhere from 380 to 435 FPS with .20g BBs at max input pressure of 120psi depending on barrel length, brand, etc.

The muzzle velocity with a given nozzle is partially determined by the length of the barrel therefore the examples below are approximated FPS for reference when using an M4 carbine length barrel (363-375mm) with .20g BBs at the max input pressure of 120psi. An M16 rifle length barrel (509mm) will bump this up by an average of 30-40fps.

Nozzles (based on stock M4 length Barrel at 120PSI):

Green - 325fps

Gold - 366fps

Blue - 405fps

Black -455fps

Silver - 494fps

Red - 550fps
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