Polarstar Fusion Engine V2 GEN3Zoom

Polarstar Fusion Engine V2 GEN3

Item# FEV2-M4
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Full Auto, Semi Auto, Variable Burst

FE Profile: Version 2

Included FE Nozzle Type: M4/M16 Series, Blue (FE-NZ-BLU-M4)

Included Selector Plate: M4/M16 Series

Cyclic Rate: 500 RPM to 1,800 RPM

Fire Modes: Semi / 2 to 9 Shot Burst, Semi / Full Auto, Semi Only

Power Source: HPA (High Pressure Air via remote air rig)

FCU Battery: 7.4v Lipo w/ JST Connector (BAT-LIPO-74-250)

FCU Voltage Input Range: 6.8v to 12v

Electronics: REV2

PSI Operating Range: 80 psi. to 120 psi.

Build Material: Aluminum

Weight: .75 lbs
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