Orga Magnus HD Inner Barrel 260mmZoom

Orga Magnus HD Inner Barrel 260mm

Item# ORGA-613-260
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MagnusHD Barrel for AEG -260mm

For AEG Wide Bore Barrel !!!

The Wide Bore inner barrel diameter measures 6.13mm. The Barrel is Teflon coated, further reducing friction and resistance of the BB forging greater accuracy!!!

A standard diameter barrel will introduce some friction and path variation due to slight contact along the length of the barrel. This can have a significant impact on BB trajectory and accuracy. Longer barrels and increased hop are often used to try and reverse these effects.

Inner Diameter of this barrel is 6.13mm which is great for those looking for a middle ground between a 6.05 and 6.23.

This barrel is made from brass and also comes pre-cut with an enlarged hop window as well as a side flat hop cut.

The flat hop cut, allows you to rotate your bucking for flat hop configuration without having to modify your bucking.

For PTW / AEG / BoltAction / GBB
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