Mancraft SDiK HPA Kit (Ares Striker AS01)Zoom

Mancraft SDiK HPA Kit (Ares Striker AS01)

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Simple and efficient upgrade kit for your Sniper rifle.

Converts your spring Sniper Rifle into a HPA based system for maximum range and accuracy.

Works with high pressure air or Co2. (compatible regulator and line required for Co2)

Simple pnuematic system is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Extremely efficient!

Compatibility: Ares Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle

Operating range: 40-200 PSI

Typical velocity range:

Velocity results below are approximate numbers taken with a stock SDIK based sniper rifle in an indoor range. Your results may differ.

.25g BB @60 PSI - 389 FPS

.25b BB @90 PSI - 456 FPS

.25g BB @120 PSI - 525 FPS

.25g BB @150 PSI - 565 FPS

.25g BB @180 PSI - 600 FPS

Kit includes: Mancraft SDIK system, 4mm Push to connect fitting, Foster 23-2 Gun side air line fitting.

Warranty: 90 days if installed by BG Airsoft.
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