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M2010-A-NB MP44 AEG

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The MP44 was the first "assault rifle" in history created during WWII by the Germans. Also known as the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44) this model has a metal body and wood stock. If you are shopping for a MP44, this is by far the best to get. Evike.com guarantees you the newest model with most advanced gearbox and highest quality real wood finish on the MP44.

Gearbox: Metal Version 2 Gearbox

Hopup: Yes. M4 Type

Velocity: 380-450 FPS

Inner Barrel length: 420mm

Range: 120~180 feet

Battery: 8.4v AK Stick Type Battery Recommended (Battery & Charger Not Included)

Magazine: 430 Round High Capacity magazine. Spare magazines available here at Evike.com!

Package Includes: AEG, mag, manual


1:1 Scale "BEST" Replica of the MP44 WWII AEG for collectors.

Functional charging handle.

Full metal customizable metal gearbox for true Airsoft gamers.

Great performance, accuracy, range and power.

Redesigned & reinforced replica of the discontinued Shoei MP44 AEG

Side Mounting Point for accessory attachments

Superb finish for maximum realism.

Full Metal Receiver, sight system and barrel assembly.

Full stock for large battery compartment & weight balancing.
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