M2010-C-NB FAL AEGZoom


Item# M2010-C-NB
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If you love the look and feel of the FAL, but don't want to break the bank, the Lancer Tactical FAL Carbine Airsoft Gun is the perfect choice for you. The body of this airsoft gun is constructed completely out of metal, giving it a very realistic weight and feel, and a functioning charging handle that pulls back the mock bolt to allow access to the hop up adjustment. The gun also features sling swivels both in front of the polymer hand guard, and on the stock to aid in carrying. Overall, the Lancer Tactical FAL Carbine is the perfect option for the fan of the British Falklands war load out, or just for someone looking for something different to add to their arsenal, without having to worry about spending too much.


Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical

Model: FAL Carbine

Muzzle Velocity: 420-430

Magazine Capacity: 500 rounds

Color: Black

Package Includes: Gun, magazine


Functioning bolt catch

Full metal construction

Realistic weight and feel

Sling swivels
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