KGW Cerakote Paint Services

KGW Cerakote Paint Services
BG Airsoft is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Kentucky Gun Works and are now offering high quality Cerakote finishes.

Top Quality Custom Cerakote Finishes start at $59.00.

Call Thomas at 270-793-8099 for more information!

If you are interested in both protecting and customizing your Airsoft Replica, then Cerakote is an option you should consider. Originally developed for the military, it has only become readily available to the public in the past decade or so. It is about 10 times more resistant to abrasion than duracoat, and over 12 times more resistant than ordinary bluing. Cerakote is completely resistant to corrosion, was given the highest rating possible for Pencil Hardness, and maxed out the testing machine in Durability, without so much as chipping. If you would like to read about the testing for yourself, check out this link:

In addition to being the most durable coating available, it is also the most customizable. There are over 80 colors available in both matte and glossy coatings. Also Cerakote has the unique characteristic to be laid down in layers, allowing the use of stencils in its application. Patterns from Digital Camouflage to Tiger Stripe can be applied to your weapon in the color combination of your choice.
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