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Jefftron Micro Mosfet Kit

Item# JT-MOS-06
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Professionally designed and manufactured mosfet with 500mm long wires on each side for airsoft electric guns (AEG)

Very small device dimension - it fits nearly everywhere

In package is included 1m red wire 1,5qmm (AWG16) with silicon insulation

Soldered on device: two black wire 1,5qmm (AWG16) with silicon insulation and one blue 0,25qmm (AWG24) wire, lengths 500mm

Micro mosfet increases gun rate of fire (ROF) and battery holds longer

No sparking on switch contacts

Specified for common batteries: Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, lipol 7.4 - 11.1V

Designed for maximum spring M140 and maximum ROF 20bb/s. For higher load use Mosfet or Extreme mosfet

5 wires connection - positive wire isn't connect into device

Device size 19x10x8mm

Coated with lacquer, which protects device against water
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