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Intellect Lipo Alarm

Item# IN-LI-AL
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Intellect Lipo Battery Power Level Tester & Alarm to indicate Low Power


Can be used for 3.7V / 1S Pack, 7.4V / 2S pack, or 11.1V / 3S pack. Red LED will flash when cell is below 3.3V and an Alarm will sound when cell is below 3.0V indicating the Lipo Battery pack should be recharged.

Not a must have, but a neat tool to have and highly recommended. Always keep your lipo charged and when its low power, running weak, stop using it and recharge. Never charge lipo battery in a flammable surface. ALWAYS monitor your battery when it is being charged. Don't ever discharge your lipo battery pack. Use only lipoly battery charger to charge a lipoly battery.
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