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Hakkotsu Thunder Devil 12 Pack Shell Only

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12 Replacement Shells

This is a 12-pack of thunder Devil shells for use with the Thunder B Sonic Grenade. It includs 12 empty shells for replacement.

Based off of the original Thunder-B design the Thunder-Devil retains all of the features of the original with a slightly improved design.

Polymer shell has been redesigned to rupture upon detonation spraying BBs into the immediate vicinity

Easy to load design, fill shell and insert core

Compatible with standard Thunder-B cores

Single use design

The new Thunder-Devil grenade from APS is the most recent evolution of the Thunder-B system of CO2 powered Airsoft / Simulation grenades. Traditional Thunder-B grenades have been a staple in Airsoft for many years and while they only emit a loud report upon detonation, they remain a player favorite thanks to their ease of use, reliability and economical cost. Now, APS has taken the Thunder-B system and modified it to provide an even greater tactical advantage on the field. The Thunder-Devil line of grenades takes all of the well liked features of the original Thunder-Bs and adds one key feature that people have been asking for for years. The Thunder-Devil line of grenades not only explodes with the loud report of the regular grenades, but now will spread 150 BBs over a wide swath of terrain. Perfect for close quarters or indoor combat, the Thunder-Devil grenades will give you the advantage against the opposition in most CQB scenarios. With no delicate detonation systems and easy and affordable to replace single use shells, the APS Thunder-Devil grenade system will help bring your CQB game to the next level.

Compatibility: Works with standard Thunder-B cores

Material: Polymer

Manufacturer: APS
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