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Fusion Engine Nozzle Scar H

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Our series of Fusion Engine air nozzles allows you shift the velocity range of your rifle up or down to best meet your requirements. Nozzles are easy to install and typically take less than 5 minutes to change out on most models from start to finish.

Each nozzle is machined from aluminum and comes with both the internal and external o-rings. The nozzles are color coded with a hard coat anodizing for easy identification.

Results with a .20g BB using a 6.05mm barrel at 120psi.


CQB (275mm) = 313fps

Carbine (380mm) = 325fps

Rifle (509mm) = 363fps


CQB (275mm) = 350fps

Carbine (380mm) = 366fps

Rifle (509mm) = 400fps


CQB (275mm) = 380fps

Carbine (380mm) = 405fps

Rifle (509mm) = 435fps


CQB (275mm) = 423fps

Carbine (380mm) = 457fps

Rifle (509mm) = 476fps


CQB (275mm) = 446fps

Carbine (380mm) = 494fps

Rifle (509mm) = 514fps


CQB (275mm) = 500fps

Carbine (380mm) = 550fps

Rifle (509mm) = 590fps

The power range can change per the rifles barrel length and bore size so results may vary.

This PolarStar product comes with a 6 month warranty provided by PolarStar Airsoft.
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