Black Site Box Magazine Trigger Control Unit (Wolverine)Zoom

Black Site Box Magazine Trigger Control Unit (Wolverine)

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The Trigger Control Unit (TCU) kit allows you to hook up your box mag to the HPA Engine (Wolverine) so it will automatically wind when the trigger is pulled. There is also a variation for the Polarstar FCU and the Wolverine FCU (due to different connection ports on the FCU).

See the video below for all the information on how to install the TCU kit. The kit comes with all the wiring connectors needed to hook up the TCU to the FCU and the box mag. Soldering will be required. You will need to know how to properly solder a connector to your box mag motor or box mag switch. If you are uncomfortable with soldering and electrical wiring, please seek out a qualified technician perform the installation.

The kit comes with a "Y" power adapter so you can use a single battery to power both the FCU and the box mag, if you choose. The Wolverine TCU kit comes with an extra connector to solder onto the Wolverine FCU, and replacement heat shrink wrap (when working with the Wolverine FCU to attach the box mag connector, proceed with caution and at your own risk, we cannot be responsible for any damage done to the Wolverine FCU if you attach the box mag connector, please seek out an qualified and experienced technician for the modification).
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