BGA Tactical Systems AT10 RifleZoom

BGA Tactical Systems AT10 Rifle

Item# AEG-U-AT10
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
This AEG is a recent trade in. We have cleaned, tested and verified that it is field ready! This is one of if not the best AEG you can get your hands on.

The BGA Tactical Systems AT10 Rifle is a purpose built AEG that is pre-upgraed. You will not need to make any changes or upgrade any components as the AT10 is already pre-built with the needed upgrades.

Velocity - 370 FPS

True quick change spring system means that spring changes can be made in a couple minutes by removing the buffer tube.

V2 gearbox with all CNC internals.

Built in Trigger fet.

Pro-win Hopup

509mm Tightbore.
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