AGM M-500 SWAT CQB Spring ShotgunZoom

AGM M-500 SWAT CQB Spring Shotgun

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Skirmish grade Airsoft with great power and accuracy

Metal heat sink and reinforced internal parts

On-frame Precise Hop-up Adjustment Switch

Realistic heavy weigh

Dramatic sure-cocking forearm with ergonomic grip and realistic pump action

Detachable magazine

Rugged and Robust Construction

This pump-action repeater is a replica of designated law enforcement M500 model. It comes complete with a single pump shot and a heavy barrel, both added for realism. Spare magazines are available (one comes with the shotgun) and it is a shotgun out of the box ready for battle! A great entry level Airsoft shotgun that can be used as a primary or back up weapon. This full-size shotgun has tremendous value featuring magazine fed rounds, pump action and an on-frame adjustable hopup. The heat sink and pump guide are high quality metal adding to the heavyweight, durable build quality

This realistic Airsoft shotgun can be used in mil-sim skirmishes, CQB encounters and training environments. The Matrix M500 Airsoft shotgun also features an ergonomic grip.

Dimension: 26" x 7"

Weight: 1700g / ~ 3lbs

Muzzle Velocity: 250~295 FPS (Measured with 0.20g bb)

Effective Range: ~100 feet

Magazine Capacity: 14+1 Rounds. Spare magazines available!

Hopup: On-frame adjustable.

Power: Pump Action. No battery or gas required.

Manufacturer: AGM

Package Includes: Full size heavy weight shotgun, magazine, speed loader and manual.
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