VIVA Arms Browning M1919 .30Cal Heavy Machine Gun AEG

VIVA Arms Browning M1919 .30Cal Heavy Machine Gun AEG
Item# VIVA-1919

Product Description

Here is your chance to get your hands on a piece of airsoft History. This AEg is new. It has never had a BB through it. It has been on display in our store. We are making room for a new display so this unit needs to go.

VIVA Arms Browning M1919 .30 Cal Heavy Machine gun

This piece of Airsoft history is NEW and has never seen a BB fired through it. We took it out of its original container and assembled it as shown. Only 300 of these units were ever made. It is nearly impossible to find one today.

AEG utilizes a proprietary V7 gearbox and hopup system that are not like anything in production today. It is functional. We connect a battery to it once per month and cycle the gearbox to keep everything lubed and working but we never fire a BB through it.

Includes the AEG, Tripod, Pintle Mount and Traversing system.


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While the sport of Airsoft is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, ignoring proper safety practices can turn a day of fun into a tragedy. Todays modern airsoft guns are capable of firing a BB at velocities that can and will penetrate fabric and skin, causing serious injury. Always wear "Full Seal" eye protection and observe proper weapon handling practices such as keeping the weapon on "safe" and cleared with the magazine out to prevent accidental discharge. REMEMBER!! Safety begins with the shooter!!