Black Site Basic Trigger Conversion Kit (Polarstar)

Black Site Basic Trigger Conversion Kit (Polarstar)
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Product Description

For those that are doing custom installations of the PolarStar Fusion Engine or JACK/F1/F2 engine and by-passing the use of the stock trigger board, I have mini circuit board kits available that allow you to to connect the nozzle and poppet solenoids, trigger switch, and full auto switch to the FCU. The Fusion Engine/JACK mini circuit board kit is $25 each (free shipping US), and it will include connectors for the trigger switch, and full auto switch. The kit will also include a microswitch and mounting screws to be used to activate the fire select. Note that soldering will be required. You’ll need to solder the connector wires to your trigger and full auto switches. For the Polarstar JACK, you will only need to use the poppet connector (labeled “P” can marked with a Black sharpie, the nozzle connector can be ignored).

Works with Polarstar Jack and F1

Also works with the Polarstar Fusion engine and F2

Fusion Engine and F2 Owners: You will use your Stock Solenoid cables but the base kit is the same.

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