Tactical Systems Inferno AK-74

Tactical Systems Inferno AK-74
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Product Description

Full Metal AK74 Full Stock AEG w/ Real Wood Furniture


Base Weapon: CYMA CM048

V3 Wolverine Inferno Pre-Installed

Full Metal Barrel Assembly and Receiver

Beautiful Real Wood Furniture

Integrated Scope Mount Base on Side of Receiver for AK-Style Scope Mount

Adjustable Front and Rear Sights

Length: 940mm

SMP Type: Version 3

Magazine: 500rd Hi-cap magazine

Package Includes: Gun, Hi-cap Magazine, Battery, Unjamming rod.

Thread: 14mm+ (Positive)

Fire Mode: Full/Semi Auto, Safety


*These specs will vary between various platforms.

Operating Pressure: 40-120psi

Velocity: Adjustable 300-475fps with .25

ROF: Adjustable 5-40 RPS

Burst Modes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, auto

Trigger Response: ~10ms (time from trigger pull until bb leaves the barrel)

FCU Dimensions: 0.6″ x 2″

Estimated air usage: (Tank ci.) x (Tank psi)/ 50 **

Compact 500mah 7.4V Lipo with built in PCM. 46mmx 20mmx13mm

KIT INCLUDES: Wolverine Inferno W/V3 Nozzle, Wiring Harness, FCU, Battery and Instructions.

* Specs are approximate for standard 363mm length barrel. Testing performed using pre-production model SMP. Updates will be made as necessary with production specs when available. **Air use is highly sensitive to changes in operating pressure and tank and gun setup. These results were achieved on a stock 363mm barrel and hopup with .25 gram bbs at 80 psi shooting 395 fps shooting from an ELP 13ci tank. We are currently gathering data on air usage with various setups and will be publishing that data when it becomes available.


9 Month in house repair/replacement warranty if installed by BG Airsoft

9 month Wolverine Airsoft Factory warranty only for self installs.


With the many variations of guns on the market, this is a very legitimate (and not always straightforward) question. Due to the fact that the SMP occupies the space in your gearbox previously taken up by your cylinder set, the SMP will fit the vast majority of guns that utilize a standard TM compatible cylinder set with a centered air nozzle. The main concern in fitment will be appropriate air nozzle length.

The standard V2 kit is sold with a TM spec length M4 nozzle.

Other nozzle lengths can be purchased to fit many other common models. We will be providing more information on measuring your nozzle length to ensure compatibility in the near future.

NOTE: The V2 and V3 trigger boards are made to fit any V2/V3 TM compatible gearboxes. Installation in other gearboxes will require some soldering to utilize the existing trigger switch, and will require the addition of a selector switch. Please see our page on custom installations for tech tips for those that have to have that unique one of a kind SMP setup!

Wolverine Airsoft is constantly finding ways to make their products compatible with more gun models. We will provide information on specific guns supported here soon. For now, to find out which set of components you need for your platforms, please email us at; sales@bgairsoft.com You can also contact Wolverine Airsoft directly at; customerservice@wolverineairsoft.com.

**The Wolverine SMP is a MAP Controlled Product and is sold in this kit at it's full MAP Price of $389.99.


KENTUCKY RESIDENTS. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any Airsoft Replica from BG Airsoft. An over 18 age waiver is required for all Replica Purchases. You DO NOT need a waiver for parts and accessories. Before your order is shipped you must download, sign, scan and email a signed Waiver to sales@bgairsoft.com Waivers can be downloaded by clicking on the BG Airsoft Waiver Link at the bottom of the menu on the left of this page.

While the sport of Airsoft is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, ignoring proper safety practices can turn a day of fun into a tragedy. Todays modern airsoft guns are capable of firing a BB at velocities that can and will penetrate fabric and skin, causing serious injury. Always wear "Full Seal" eye protection and observe proper weapon handling practices such as keeping the weapon on "safe" and cleared with the magazine out to prevent accidental discharge. REMEMBER!! Safety begins with the shooter!!